Melt Fat Like Magic!

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The Promise: You can lose 6 inches of ugly body fat in the next 6 weeks, guaranteed!

My name is Dr. Steven Elsea, and I have helped hundreds of patients in the last two years to lose pounds of excess body fat, easily and safely.

Imagine losing 1 or 2 dress sizes in the next 40 days! And, imagine how great that will make you feel. 

My proven 3 step system will melt up to 30 pounds of fat in 6 weeks and I guarantee it will work! How can I guarantee it? Simple. I have hundreds of patients who have gone through the protocol so far. And, 100% of them lost weight!

My AVERAGE woman loses 24.8 pounds in 40 days! That's the AVERAGE! No weasel words at the bottom of this page telling you that these results are extraordinary. Of course, I cannot promise that you will also lose that much weight; I can tell you that is my AVERAGE for women.That means that some women lose more; some lose less. But everyone loses weight! And they do it easily and simply, following my simple protocol. Best of all, there are no shots, no dangerous medications, no exhausting exercise.

Men lose a little more weight than women; my AVERAGE man loses 34 pounds in the same 40 days.  

Losing weight is simple! There, I said it. But, as you know, simple doesn't equal EASY.

My job, as your diet coach, is to make rapid weight loss both SIMPLE AND EASY!

How do I help you melt fat like magic?

I have years of experience dieting the wrong way, as I am sure you do. I finally was able to put together the key elements of permanent weight loss for me AND for my patients. Now, I will show you here exactly what we are going to do together.

Step one: we are going to turn your body into a FAT-BURNING machine. Following a protocol developed my medical doctors in the 1950's and supplemented with smart exercise, we are going to melt fat off of you so fast, you will swear it's magic.

Step two: we are going to learn how to maintain your weight loss IN THE REAL WORLD, surrounded by real food and treats and friends. You will learn the 7 secrets of maintaining your newfound slenderness. You do not need to learn how to maintain your weight by eating food out of a box that gets delivered on your doorstep once a month. You need to learn how to maintain your weight loss eating real food in real situations with real people.

Step three: you will learn how to instantly conquer your cravings and zoom your energy without sugar or drugs.

And I will be there, as your coach, helping you to reach your goals and make this happen for you. My job is to give you the information and to help you implement the lifestyle changes that will help you maintain your weight loss permanently. 

And isn't that what you are really looking for? Permanent weight loss. Made simple.